About me

Premleena Wettergran

My vision and passion in life, is in everything that enables us to live in a more beautiful and conscious world, both inside and out. To live in harmony in the way things are. Loving, truthful and alive!

We can, if we want to, find a new way of living. To live from the source, inner wisdom and love that resides within every one of is. That we can find, that everything we seek is already here. To find trust to our Self and life. To trust in the inner silent voice that knows and guides us. Mindfull and present one step at a time. Everything we relate to in life reflects the inner vision we have. If it is not the way you like it to be… Your inner vision is the only place you can change… Then our outer World and relationships also change. Not the other way around. We often try To change people and life on the outside… But that doesn’t work.

I stopped and turned my awareness inward when I was twenty-eight. More than 30 years ago… That awakening changed my whole life. Ever since then I have followed my inner voice, intuitive passion and wisdom that reside inside. I share with you  My passion for life and our human nature.

Since 25 years I have created trainings, guided and trained people to live their lives in trust and harmony with them Self and life.

My education started late the 80`s when I was in India and met the living mystic Osho, where my entire being melted. I was trained in various modern Transforming techniqes of meditation and therapy. After that, I worked at Mullingstorp Institute as trainer in charge during the 90´s. Later I was involved in building Bara Vara Institute. While there, I created the door-opener process 1-2-3 which has helped, and still is, Helping thousand of people to transform their lives. Since 2005 I have not been affiliated with any particular institute, but have instead worked with the assignments that life has given me, sessions and various development processes.

I have, over the years, been involved in many leadership programs and international sports events.

My own awakening and life experiences are the source of everything that I teach, that life carries us and wishes us well. That, without exception, there is an inner wisdom in all of us. All we have to do is understand that we ourselves and our identification with who we think we are, is the only thing standing in our way. With consciousness and an open heart we can transform our lives into the most wonderful journey.


Before My life changing experience at 28, I was working in the fashion World as a cloth buyer. Since -87, Osho counselling therapist. Reiki healing master, the Work of Byron Katie and the Psychology of the Buddhas in the Osho School of Mystery, are some of the trainings I have done through the years. But above all, it is my own awakening, my meeting with Osho more than thirty years ago and all the experience from working with thousands of people that has enabled me to share that which I share.