Bliss: True abundant living

A Guide to Transforming Your Life NOW!

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Make peace with yourself!
Transforming therapy & meditations with  Premleena

New life vision – konsten att leva. Genom en naturlig inre resa i kärlek och  medvetenhet kunna transformera ditt liv och din livskvalitet. Kunna förverkliga dig själv i samklang med livet. From seed To flower … Du är vännen du väntat på!

“Meditation or aware presence, gives you wisdom. Turning inside, into
Your Own inner source, gives you possibilities to live in a Loving
way, from the wisdom that is alreadey ther inside you.
Unconsous life gives you pain. Find the path that lead you To oneness,
Your Own inner self and wisdom. Wake up and become aware of what is
holding you back. Trust that life is guiding you. Find the path that
lead you To present moment and Your Own inner source.”


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